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Statue by a rocky stream, evergreen trees, and a snowy landscape with forested hills in the background.

District Disclosure Statement

Lots within Paradise of Colorado Master Plan (the “Community”) containing 200 plus acres are located within the boundaries of the Paradise of Colorado Metropolitan District (the “District”). The District is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado. The City of Woodland Park has approved the Service Plan for the District (the “Service Plan”).

The District was created to assist with the planning, design, acquisition, construction, installation. operation, maintenance, relocation, and financing of certain public improvements serving the Community. From time to time, the. District may provide certain public improvements of benefit to the Community, including but not limited to: (1) water and water storage related improvements; (2) landscaping and maintenance, (3) parks and/or recreational related improvements; or (4) drainage and flood control improvements and maintenance, as more fully set forth and described in the Service Plan. The District was also formed in lieu of a homeowners’ association (HOA), and will be providing covenant enforcement and design review services. Property taxes paid to the District will support ongoing operation and maintenance of public improvements such as the landscaping and park trails. The District may obtain financing for the capital improvements needed for the Community through the issuance of limited tax general obligation debt which may include bonds, notes, debentures, certificates, leases, loan agreements, or other contracts (“Debt”). 

Resolutions and Notices

District meeting agendas are posted on this website and the District designates the entrances to Thunder Ridge Drive and Majestic Parkway as its 24-hour posting location in the District, in the event it is unable to post a notice on this website.